MElody & Jake

Other than my groom, Rafael was the best decision I made for my big day. From the moment we had our first meeting he was professional, fun and most importantly honest. His talent with light and ability to create unique and memorable shots out of what can be a very formulaic day is truly amazing and refreshing. He was flexible and patient with our group but also somehow able to keep us on schedule and get "the money shot" quickly. Rafael's talent, sense of humor and great energy is a perfect addition to any event and I am so thankful of the memories he helped us make!

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Veronica & Brian

We absolutely LOVED working with Rafael for our wedding. We were nervous about finding a photographer who could capture the vibe of our day, but Rafael was amazing. Our families loved him and it was so natural and comfortable having him around. We had a small and intimate wedding day and Rafael was just the most perfect addition to our day. I have no words for how beautiful our photos were, I’m still blown away by them every time I look at them. We wish we could have him just follow us around every day! I’m trying to come up with reasons to hire him again!

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Bess & John

Knowing that “photos last a lifetime,” it was one of our initial planning priorities to ensure that we hired a photographer who we felt would capture the wedding day. Initially, we were looking primarily for an artist whose work we enjoyed, but were pleasantly surprised to learn that Rafael with his prior knowledge and experience was able to support us with the planning stages. Prior to the wedding, we were able to have a phone conference in which Rafael supported us with the timeline of the wedding, and discussing various components to help make our wedding day perfect. Once the wedding day came along, Rafael and his second shooter both seamlessly fit in with the families during the preparation and then worked throughout the day to capture all of the predetermined shots as well as everything/anything else. Rafael sent an initial photo the morning after the wedding and then an edited preview within 10 days. Shortly thereafter, the entire library was impeccably edited and available. We look at the photographs we see the sheer perfection of our most special day. We also took advantage of the ZenFolio site to purchase albums and gifts for family members. They were blown away with the quality and artistry. Thank you, Rafael.

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Abe & Derek

Rafael photographed our wedding, a remodel of a home and I could not recommend him more. He is a true artist and he made us feel really comfortable and that ease came through in the photos. I wouldn’t dream of working with anyone else the next time we need a special moment captured.

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Maggie & Matt

Having Rafael as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made in planning our wedding. I was familiar with his work as a fine artist and as a photographer myself, I wanted to find someone with a similar aesthetic, and eye for natural light and the ability to capture the candid moments. I asked him to not worry about sticking to a formula or a shot list, but rather to shoot anything he thought was beautiful. Rafael stayed with our family and was a delight to have around—he captured our entire weekend with such graceful accuracy. From the intimate moments of being dressed by my mom and sister to the group shots of our entire party, the images are real, and everyone marvels at how they capture their experience of weekend. We had crazy rain that started after our ceremony and Rafael adjusted so easily to working with the weather and the rain ended up making everything that much more beautiful.  He caught one candid of me running as the rain was starting and it's truly a work of art.

The turnaround was unbelievably swift and seamless and the images posted & printed so beautifully.  Everyone who sees our pictures asks about him because they are so unique and capture my husband and I so accurately.

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Molly & Megan

As a wedding photographer myself, the number one question I was asked by others while planning my wedding was...."Who's going to be your wedding photographer?!" Honestly, of all the decisions made during the wedding planning process, this decision was the easiest to make. I knew I wanted the photographer to be my friend and colleague, the amazing Rafael Soldi.

Having Rafael photograph our wedding was a gift and an honor. He captured the night perfectly with his refined sense of style, timing and humor (not to mention his sweet dance moves). The photographs are a real and beautiful reflection of our wedding event. Rafael far exceeded our expectations by capturing great detail shots, beautiful portraits and hilarious candids, as well as the true spirit and culture of our community. He did this all while blending in seamlessly with our guests throughout the night. His many years of experience, eye for compositions and magnetic personality make Rafael is an easy choice when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer.

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Ben & Andrea

Our wedding flew by, and it wasn't until we saw Raf's pictures that we got to fully witness all the love, joy and beauty of our wedding day. He captured moments that would have probably gone unnoticed by most, but have become our favorite memories of that day. His pictures perfectly reflect who we are and how we love each other.

Raf also stepped in as a wedding expert when we needed him most. If there was a detail we didn't know about, he had an answer and a reassuring smile. He kept us on track and made sure we were at our best. We are lucky to call him a friend, and are forever in debt to him for creating lasting memories that we will be able to enjoy for the rest of our lives.

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Ashli & Elijah

We feel very lucky to have hired Rafael to photograph our wedding.  It could not have been a more positive experience.  From our first meeting, where he got an impression of who we are and what we most wanted from the day, Rafael was kind and professional and a pleasure to be around.  It was important to us that our wedding to feel special, relaxed, and intimate.  Rafael’s calm and caring (but also efficient) energy helped that happen.

During our outdoor ceremony at the Ballard Locks he got beautiful shots without his presence being a distraction or feeling invasive.  He made our friends and family feel comfortable during the more posed photos and then went on to document our quirky semi-formal, food truck, industrial reception. The final photographs were even better than we hoped they would be. The thing that was most striking to me was that he captured the feelings of the day so beautifully in his photos. They make us smile every time we look at them and even our friends and family were thrilled with how they turned out. Beyond that, I think everyone wanted to be friends with him by the end!  Thanks, Rafael for your amazing photos and your lovely presence on such an important day!

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Sheena & Craig

We loved working with Rafael! He knew exactly what would make us look best, but best of all, he had a lot of brilliant ideas, which made it easier for us. It always helps not to have to make anymore decisions on a day that's already full of them. Rafael was a calm and kind presence on our big day, and I'm grateful!

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Tim & Emily

Rafael was so easy to work with! He was calm and confident, and handled our chaotic wedding day with ease. A year and a half later, our friends and families are still talking about how beautiful our wedding photos are. Any photographer can take the standard wedding photos, but Rafael goes way beyond that. His images tell a story, one that becomes more meaningful with time. We have recommended him to all of our friends!

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Alex & Darcy

We absolutely loved the photos Rafael took at our wedding. Our venue was an alpine lake in the Cascade Mountains; Rafael captured the beauty of the scenery in a way that made our photos extra special. Rafael was fantastic to work with both before and after our wedding, we were well prepared for the day of with a great schedule for the shoot, and we received the finished work quickly. It was incredibly easy to both receive and share all of our photos with friends, family, and printing services.

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Rheanna & Zephyr

Rafael's stunning photos really captured the joyful spirit of the day.  He not only took an amazing collection of beautiful pictures, he was a true trouper and up for the adventure that was our DIY wedding on a remote island.  We really appreciated Rafael's great attitude and winning personality.

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